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Another «Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv» Review is coming your way. Are you ready?! Lets get straight to it!

So, in today’s report I’m going to share with you all the details from my last visit to Hudson restaurant.

Do you know the slogan of Hudson which has been running for the last few years in all of the radio and TV commercials? It’s —

«Hudson — The House of the Meats». Quite a binding statement I would say…

So with that in mind and as a meat lover, I had to go there with a friend of mine and check to see if there was any truth behind it.


The Hudson Restaurant is designed perfectly.

The tables are large and the chairs are comfortable. There’s plenty of space between the table and chairs. The feeling of a magnificent place is what your first impression will be.

Light music creates a pleasant atmosphere and is perfectly suited to the nature of the place.

In addition to all this the bathrooms are pleasant, spacious and even have towels for washing hands. And of course there’s a FREE WI-FI.

My score for the place is 9/10


For appetizers we ordered bread and butter with mushroom cheese.

The mushroom cheese was a delicacy. It melts in your mouth with the perfect combination of soft mushrooms and cheese at the right amount. Just like the first dish should be — tasty and leaves room for more.

The bread was soft, hot and tasty, with butter. I also recommend asking for garlic sauce with it.

My score for the appetizers – 8/10

So after the tasty appetizer, we ordered as much meat as possible.

We ordered 400 grams of Manhattan sirloin and 220 grams of fillet.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe how something tastes, but I’ll try to put it this way… The taste of the meat was absolutely divine.

The sirloin was soft, tasty, and melted in the mouth perfectly. It was also roasted to perfection. (medium, unless you asked otherwise).

This is how quality meat is supposed to taste. Every bite felt as if I was in a culinary paradise.

In addition, chips and cherry tomatoes were added to the dish.The fillet was tasty, soft, but in taste it was missing something. This is especially true compared to the divine sirloin. Those who love fillet meat will enjoy it.

In terms of quality and taste of meat, Hudson is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv

My for score for the meat 9/10

Manhattan sirloin best restaurants in tel aviv
Manhattan sirloin


We ordered a Roche chocolate mousse with ice cream with nougat crunch and salty biscuits. The combination of ice cream and crunch nugget was exactly what we needed after a heavy meat meal. The mousse was much more plain.

My score for desserts is 8/10


The service was simply excellent. The waiters were friendly, smiling, patiently explaining to us all the dishes on the menu.

The price was fair in relation to the meaty fantasy experience.


In conclusion, now I understand the meaning of their slogan «Hudson — the house of the meats».

Every word is absolutely true.

It really was a fabulous meat eating experience. Each bite was more delicious than the bite before it. And the service? It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced this level of service. It was simply fantastic.

I definitely found the restaurant to eat at when I’m craving meat.

My Total Score for Hudson restaurant is 9/10!



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