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Messa by Aviv Moshe

A few weeks ago, I caught up with my old school friend Shiran. As a chef, she’s a big fan of cooking but loves dining out in fine restaurants too — so we had plenty to talk about! I took the chance to show her my blog, and she went

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M25 Meatmarket Tel Aviv

I have a confession to make. One I’m a little bit ashamed of. Here goes. Until a few days ago, I had no idea the western part of the Camel Market was home to the M25 meat restaurant. There. I’ve said it. Why am I so embarrassed about my M25-related

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Moon Sushi Tel Aviv

Last Friday morning, I hit the streets of Tel Aviv with my good friend, Ben (you may remember him from my reports on Nina Sushi and the Lumina). We hadn’t seen each other for a while, so had some catching up to do. After a few hours exploring the busy

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Jasmino’s Pita – Love at first sight

In today’s episode of “Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv”, I’m going to tell you all the things you should know about Jasmino’s Pita. The special pita that has been driving people crazy in Tel Aviv for the past 18 months. “Are you serious David?! A pita?!  I thought you were

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Taizu Restaurant

Since it launched six years ago, Taizu has treated guests to a diverse selection of Asian dishes prepared with true expertise. The menu was created based on a comprehensive study conducted by chef Yuval Ben Neria, undertaken in kitchens across China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and India. The restaurant has been

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