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Now that I’ve reviewed Nina Sushi at my followers’ request, what’s next?

People have been asking me to recommend a great Kosher restaurant, so here, I’ll do just that!

I’ll be honest: I can count the number of times I’ve eaten at a Kosher restaurant in the last 5 years on one hand. It’s never really appealed to me: I’ve always felt there’s not much room for variety in a kosher restaurant and I’ve never known too many people excited about the pareve desserts either.

Still, being a Jew and owner of the “best restaurants in tel aviv” blog, it’s obviously important that I review a good quality venue for anyone eating in kosher restaurants for religious reasons. So, after extensive research and seeking recommendations from friends, I picked the Meat Kitchen (Chef Nadav Netzer’s restaurant) to be my next destination.

Is it worth your time and money? Read on for my full impression of Meat Kitchen:

meat kitchen tel aviv
The interior of Meat Kitchen

the place:

The entrance to Meat Kitchen is very impressive. A friendly hostess greeted us at the entrance and led us to a table by the window; for the romantics among us, you can watch the sunset against the beautiful Tel Aviv skyline on a clear evening.

meat kitchen restaurant tel aviv
The view from window of where I was sitting

The restaurant features spacious tables for couples and families, as well as a separate banquet hall for special events. In the background, soft music helped establish a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere.

My score for the place is 9.5/10.

the TASTE:


After studying the varied menu and asking for a recommendation from the waiter, we ordered goose liver. This contained salty caramel foam, churros, pecan and cinnamon crumble.

The dish is stunning (as you can see in the picture below), but as amazing as the dish’s presentation is, the flavor far, far exceeds that. The creative combination of goose liver and the churros is a definite winner, and the chef deserve praise for such innovation.

meat kitchen restaurant tel aviv
Goose liver. Delicious.

I ordered the second appetizer, beef fillet tartare, after tremendous pressure from the waiter. I told him that I was not a fan of all kinds of raw food, but he didn’t listen. He was very insistent and, finally, a single sentence convinced me: “If it doesn’t taste good, just give it back.”

How could I argue with that?

The Tartare dish contained black garlic puree, toasted almonds, red onion, parsley, balsamic, caviar, caper vinaigrette, bone marrow and mini pieces of toast.

Surprisingly, I didn’t return the dish — I actually ate it all by myself! It was a strange moment for me, to discover that a raw food can be delicious. You could say that the dish demolished a long-standing psychological barrier I’ve had with raw food. That’s a pretty exciting outcome, and one I certainly hadn’t expected.

My recommendation: spread black garlic on the mini pieces of toast with the fillet. The taste was great and whetted my appetite for the main dishes.

meat kitchen restaurant tel aviv
Beef fillet tartare

Score for the appetizers: 9/10.

Main Course

For main course, we settled on two dishes: Tournedos Rossini (beef fillet and goose liver, truffle puree, pecan tuiles, beef and Amarena cherry broth) and lamb chops.

The rossini fillet was juicy, well cooked (medium) and tasty. I savored every bite and didn’t want it to end! And the addition of goose liver made it a heavenly delicacy.

The truffle puree was delicious enough to make me consider ordering a separate plate, but I had to save space for the main course. I left the puree for my friend to eat instead, and he devoured it all without the barest hint of hesitation.

Meat kitchen restaurant tel aviv
Tournedos Rossini

The second course, lamb chops, was a little dirty to eat, but it was worth the mess. Here, too, the meat was excellent, with a seasoning that added to the special taste.

Meat kitchen restaurant tel aviv
Lamb chops

As an avid steak lover, I think the fillet was the better dish of the two. If I had to pick one, that would be it.

Score for main course: 9/10 for lamb chops and 10/10 for Tournedos Rossini!


Here, too, I followed the waiter’s recommendation when he warmly suggested the pistachio parfair dessert. I didn’t really know what that meant, but the waiter said, “Trust me.” His previous recommendations had served me well, so I felt safe taking his word this time too.

When the dessert arrived, I was a little unsure about what I was witnessing. The dessert reminded me of a nest of pigeons — not something you see every day!

“And what about the taste” you’re asking? Close to perfect.

Halva is also not one of my favorite foods, but in this case the combination with the other ingredients (caramelized pistachio, Oreo crumble, Amarena Cherries and Kadaif) was excellent. I thought I had no more room in my stomach after all the food I’d eaten so far, but you can always find extra space for such a delicious dessert, right?

meat kitchen restaurant tel aviv
Pistachio parfair

Score for dessert: 9/10.

service and price:

We’ll start from grade to service. A PERFECT 10! Simply great service at levels unlike any other I’ve experienced so far. The waiters were courteous, friendly and especially helpful.

It’s sadly not uncommon to find waiters playing dumb and trying to ignore customers raising their hand or asking for help.

In this case, not only did I not have to try too hard to get service, but they actually responded with little prompting too: brief eye contact was enough to bring one waiter over to me before I could utter a word or sign. He immediately asked if he could help me with something, making my friend and I feel valued.

The manager of the restaurant, who happened to be working during my visit, asked me if I enjoyed the food. It’s evident that they’re truly passionate about customer satisfaction — something very rare to find at such a prominent level in restaurants in Tel Aviv.

As for the price, it’s no secret: Kosher food is expensive. Meat Kitchen isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t pretend to be either. In my opinion, the food is totally worth the investment for those who can afford it.

a quick summary:

I must admit: I was surprised by my visit to Meat Kitchen.

I never expected to actually enjoy a kosher restaurant so much. I thought the food would be tasteless and totally unsexy, but boy, was I wrong. Meat Kitchen Restaurant gave me with one of the best culinary experiences I have had so far, and the best I’ve had since I opened the blog.

They took two types of food that strongly dislike (tartare and halva) and turned it into something I adored. That’s a huge achievement, and makes Meat Kitchen a special venue indeed.

I’ll say something here that you won’t hear me say every day: right now, Meat Kitchen is the restaurant in Tel Aviv I would recommend most strongly. It’ll be very difficult for other kosher restaurants to outrank the extremely high standard this restaurant has set.

My Total Score for Meat Kitchen Restaurant is 9.5/10!



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