The Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv


Who is the guy behind the blog?

Hi everyone
Welcome to my brand new blog which will be dedicated to reviewing all the best restaurants in Tel Aviv!
My name is David, I am 33 years old and I’m living in Tel Aviv for 10 years now. I opened this blog so I can share with the world one of my biggest passions in life – eating in good restaurants!

Recent reviews

Lumina by Meir Adoni Kosher Restaurant

One of my best friends, Roy (who you all know from my recent post on Nina Sushi), married his lovely partner a few weeks ago. Mazal tov! At the wedding itself, when we were both drunk and feeling good about life, we made an exciting plan: once he and his

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2C Kosher Restaurant Tel Aviv

Since my review of Meat Kitchen, a number of you have asked me to report on more kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv — including one memorable gentleman on my Instagram. This reader (I won’t name him) was looking for a fantastic kosher venue for a meal with his girlfriend, specifically

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Meat Kitchen Kosher Restaurant Tel Aviv

Now that I’ve reviewed Nina Sushi at my followers’ request, what’s next? People have been asking me to recommend a great Kosher restaurant, so here, I’ll do just that! I’ll be honest: I can count the number of times I’ve eaten at a Kosher restaurant in the last 5 years

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Nina Sushi Tel Aviv

In the past few weeks something strange has happened. I started getting lots of emails and some messages on my Instagram account from people reading my blog (mostly French people) about a restaurant named Nina Sushi in tel aviv. The truth is, I‘ve been living in Tel Aviv for several

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Thai House Restaurant Tel Aviv

Everyone who lives in Tel Aviv knows the Thai House Restaurant, even if only by its reputation. This establishment is considered by many to be one of the city’s most successful restaurants of recent years. Its popularity is evident in the sheer difficulty of trying to get a table without

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Truck De Luxe

On my quest for the best burger in Tel Aviv, I arrived at Truck De Luxe. A restaurant with a truck / bus in the middle of the restaurant. Truck De Luxe, which is located near Dizengoff Square, offers a menu inspired by the American street food scene. It features

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