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Everyone who lives in Tel Aviv knows the Thai House Restaurant, even if only by its reputation.

This establishment is considered by many to be one of the city’s most successful restaurants of recent years. Its popularity is evident in the sheer difficulty of trying to get a table without booking in advance. Just arriving at Thai House Restaurant in the hopes of being seated without a lengthy wait (or at all!) isn’t always the best option.

(To book for weekends, it’s recommended to call at least a week in advance).

The restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine, ranging from traditional dishes to street food. A vegetarian menu is available too.

After hearing and reading so many positive reviews, I decided to come and find out if this was really one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Do I agree with the hype?

Let’s take a closer look!

the place:

Thai House Restaurant is located a two-minute walk from the beach, which makes it the ideal spot for some post-beach fun! Relaxing in the sun, taking a swim or playing volleyball can all work up an appetite, after all.

Thai House Restaurant boasts a beautiful interior decor that helps create an authentic Thai dining experience. The walls’ bamboo effect creates a cozy aesthetic reminiscent of a traditional Thai hut, while the wooden tables are adorned with candles. This reinforces that warm coziness and creates a romantic atmosphere, perfect for couples and families craving an intimate meal.

The restaurant’s terrace features high chairs and comfortable tables, accommodating extra diners. During my visit, I chose to sit outside and soak up the relaxed atmosphere, looking out on the view of the sea and people passing by on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Despite being in the heart of one of Tel Aviv’s busiest areas, Thai House Restaurant feels tucked away in a quiet, private space. The soothing, relaxing music playing inside the restaurant only improves this effect.

I loved this ambience and had a fantastic evening.

My score for the place is 9.5/10.

the TASTE:


I ordered the Pla muk khatiam and Papaya salad on the recommendation of my friendly waiter.

The Papaya Salad was colorful and refreshing, with a tasty combination of papaya strips, cherry tomatoes, garlic and squeezed lemon.

The Papaya salad complemented the second starter beautifully. The Pla muk khatiam (a calamari lightly smoked in oyster sauce and garlic) was much more delicious than it first appeared. My initial doubts were quashed when I realized just how juicy the dish was, and the garlic sauce was a definite winner.

I’d gladly order another portion of the calamari, but be aware: the dish isn’t cheap for an opening order. Of course, I didn’t ask for more on this occasion — I wanted to save space in my stomach for the food still to come!

In short: both dishes were excellent and fueled my desire to eat more delicious Thai food.

Score for starters: 9/10.


For the main course, I ordered the “Pahd ki mao Shangai” after a long deliberation and help from the (very patient) waiter.

The “Pahd ki mao sen Shanghai” consists of Shanghai noodles with scrambled egg, yard long beans, Chinese broccoli and basil leaves with black soy sauce. It can be served with either chicken, beef, pork or seafood (I chose beef).

When the dish arrived, it looked a little different to the noodles we’re all familiar with, but I trusted the waiter’s recommendation.

That was a great decision on my part: the combination of the curly bean noodles with the other ingredients was excellent. It was unlike anything I’d ever eaten before!

Without a doubt, Thai House Restaurant gave me one of the most successful main courses I’ve had recently.

Score for main course: 9.5/10.


Well, after a delicious, satisfying meal, there’s nothing like a good dessert to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

At yet another enthusiastic recommendation from the waiter, we ordered a dessert called Naam-Kaeng Sai. This is chilled coconut milk punch with tapioca pearls and seasonal fruits, topped with crushed ice.

The dessert was inexpensive compared to those in similar restaurants, and was absolutely delicious. It was refreshing, tasty and wasn’t too heavy on my stomach either. I felt completely satisfied and felt the dessert ended my Thai House Restaurant in style!

Score for dessert: 8/10.

service and price:

The service at Thai House Restaurant was very friendly and helpful from the moment I arrived. I was pretty unsure what I wanted to order and felt bad for my (again, very patient) waiter, but if I did frustrate him he was professional enough to keep that to himself!  He remained friendly and clearly wanted to make sure I got the most out of my time in the restaurant.

Without a doubt, his help made my experience a better one. Without his assistance, I would have struggled to navigate with the huge menu the restaurant has to offer.

Thai House Restaurant’s prices can’t be called cheap in any way, but as the cliché says, you get what you pay for. I think the cost is fair and well worth paying. I enjoyed every bite, the atmosphere was welcoming and I enjoyed the entire experience. And isn’t that what matters in the end?

My score for service and price: 9/10.

a quick summary:

I’ve never visited Thailand (yes, yes, I know I have to!) but Thai House Restaurant gave me an authentic taste of its cuisine and culture: I found it easy to imagine I was in a local restaurant in one of the Thai islands. In short: it truly achieved what it aimed to.

In conclusion, I can say Thai House Restaurant’s praise is absolutely justified. This is easily one of the best restaurants I’ve ever visited in Tel Aviv. I highly recommend it and will definitely visit again in the near future. You should too.

My Total Score for Thai House Restaurant is 9/10!



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Thai House
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by Ellie Seindogo on Thai House
Good Thai Restaurant

If you like the Thai kitchen or willing to give it a try, the Thai House is highly recommended place. We really loved the dishes and the service

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  1. Thanks for this recommendation David. I’m going to visit this restaurant today 🙂

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