West Side TLV Kosher Restaurant

What’s up, guys? This time, I decided to let my audience choose the place for my next review — after all, they’re for you, loyal reader. Just for you. I conducted a special survey on my Instagram‘s story to source ideas from my followers. I wanted to know which of

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Lumina by Meir Adoni Kosher Restaurant

One of my best friends, Ben (who you all know from my recent post on Nina Sushi), married his lovely partner a few weeks ago. Mazal tov! At the wedding itself, when we were both drunk and feeling good about life, we made an exciting plan: once he and his bride

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2C Kosher Restaurant Tel Aviv

Since my review of Meat Kitchen, a number of you have asked me to report on more kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv — including one memorable gentleman on my Instagram. This reader (I won’t name him) was looking for a fantastic kosher venue for a meal with his girlfriend, specifically

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Meat Kitchen Kosher Restaurant Tel Aviv

Now that I’ve reviewed Nina Sushi at my followers’ request, what’s next? People have been asking me to recommend a great Kosher restaurant, so here, I’ll do just that! I’ll be honest: I can count the number of times I’ve eaten at a Kosher restaurant in the last 5 years

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