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What’s up, guys?

This time, I decided to let my audience choose the place for my next review — after all, they’re for you, loyal reader. Just for you.

I conducted a special survey on my Instagram‘s story to source ideas from my followers. I wanted to know which of the new restaurants they wanted me to try. I saw plenty of suggestions, but one venue that stood out from the rest was West Side TLV, at the prestigious Royal Beach Hotel.

west side tel aviv

This restaurant is under the direction of Chef Omri Cohen, and is defined as “a classic and creative chef’s kitchen with an emphasis on home and Mediterranean flavors, that combines French cooking techniques, a kitchen that gives respect to the season and the fresh, local ingredients”.

It all sounds good, but did my followers choose wisely? Read on to find out!

the place:

West Side is located in the five-star Royal Beach Hotel. This gives the restaurant a luxurious, elegant atmosphere without being too sterile or formal — you feel comfortable and relaxed within moments of crossing the threshold.

The restaurant is ideal for all ages and occasions: I saw businesses men, tourists and families (with one celebrating a birthday) enjoying their evening.

I don’t know about you, but restaurants with an open kitchen just feel more professional and exciting. When you can see the chefs working hard to create dishes, it’s easier to trust you’re in for a delicious meal.

West Side is part of this open-kitchen trend — and it’s a fantastic touch that creates a special atmosphere.

The restaurant is based right in front of Banana Beach, so try to get a table with a view of the sea. That won’t make or break your evening, but it’s nice if you can enjoy it. West Side opens at 19:00, so you can enjoy a spectacular sunset during the summer.

Score for place: 10/10.

the TASTE:


After an in-depth look at the menu of first courses (consisting of hot and cold dishes), we ordered Cabbage filled with risotto and bone marrow. In addition, at the waitress’s recommendation, we also chose Goose Liver — a dish that winked at me from the moment I set eyes on the menu.

The stuffed cabbage dish included risotto, bone marrow, fried eggplant, and plums. It was a tasty mix of flavors and textures, with the stuffed cabbage melting in my mouth beautifully.

Score for stuffed cabbage: 8/10.

The goose liver was something else. I usually don’t get too excited about appetizers, because most of them are only intended to whet the appetite for what’s to come. But in this case, the dish was on a totally different level — even when it was one of the strangest combinations of ingredients I’ve ever seen.

I mean, does a dish containing goose liver and popcorn ice-cream sound like an obvious concoction to you? Of course not!

But let me tell you, it was a little taste of heaven.

The clash of flavors and the seemingly unusual combination of goose liver with popcorn ice cream and lotus cream gave the dish a wonderful taste. The only ‘drawback’ is that it wasn’t three times bigger.

Score for Goose liver: 11/10.


Choosing the main course was easy, especially in light of the waiter’s enthusiastic recommendation. However, even before that, I’d seen pictures of it on Instagram and knew I HAD to try it.

What did I go for, you ask?

Prime Rib.

900 grams of beef aged bone, served with green salad, French fries, truffle puree and Bordelaise sauce.

The steak was tasty and juicy, prepared to an expert standard. It was slightly salty and aged well, creating a truly amazing dining experience beyond even what I expected.

The small side dishes that accompanied the dish were excellent too, although I left them to my friend: the steak held my attention more than any side could have.

Needless to say, this is West Side’s best main dish (in my humble opinion), and is enough for two or three people as well (depending on the size of the steak you order).

Score for Prime rib: 10/10.


Honestly, if not for my commitment to my blog and reporting on a full three-course meal, I might have passed on dessert this time.

My stomach was already full of the huge steak I’d finished almost all by myself. On top of this, I’m not hugely enthusiastic about desserts in kosher restaurants — after all, we know dessert is usually the weakest part of such restaurants.

After deliberation and consulting the waiter, I ordered two desserts that seemed. And despite my low expectations, I’m delighted to say I was wrong.

The desserts seemed inspired by Grimm Brothers fairy tales, and the creativity invested into their creation was obvious from the moment the waiter presented them.

The first dish was called “Mushrooms after the rain”: it included rings of dough and almonds, cherry sorbet, vanilla and amarna ice cream, chocolate mousse, coconut caviar, chocolate cream and brownies.

I highly recommended this for anyone who enjoys a combination of bitter and sweet flavors. It was fun to photograph too, as it looks so unique.

Score for “mushrooms”: 8/10.

The second dessert was called Pink Side. It was presented well in a small jar, and reminded me of reading Hansel and Gretel as a child. If you have small children, you just have to order this dessert — they’ll be smiling for a long time!

But while the presentation is beautiful, the taste is the most impressive element of this dessert. That’s no surprise, though, when you realize It includes strawberry sorbet, raspberry crunch, white chocolate cream and strawberries.

Without a doubt, this is the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had in a kosher restaurant. Regardless of West Side’s “kosher” status, for me Pink Side can be counted amongst the top 3 desserts I’ve eaten since I launched this blog.

In fact, I was so excited about this dessert I just couldn’t stop eating it — even though I really had no space left in my stomach!

This was undoubtedly a sweet ending to the evening 🙂

Score for Pink Side: 9.5/10.

service and price:

As far as I’m concerned, the quality of service is measured not only by the waiters’ courtesy and service, but also by the menu’s proficiency and suitability to your personal taste.

Our waiter was not only polite, patient and knowledgeable about every dish on the menu, but also managed to adapt them to my personal taste. This is a powerful testament to his experience and professionalism.

She gets a 10 out of 10. No question.

What about the price? Well, let’s see. West Side is a kosher restaurant, located in one of the most prestigious hotels in the city …  there’s no way to avoid it: this is an expensive place to eat.

It’s probably beyond everyone’s budget, but as we all know, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, the highest quality is worth the price.

a quick summary:

My experience at the West Side restaurant was something special, from the moment I stepped foot inside until I left. It’s always fun to feel rich for just a few hours, enjoying the finest dishes this world has to offer, and West Side transforms every guest into a movie star for the evening.

If you want to celebrate special occasions or enjoy an exquisite kosher chef restaurant in a stunning setting, West Side is definitely the place to be.

Until next time… 😉

My Total Score for West Side TLV is 9.5/10.



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Top class restaurant. Been there twice.

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  1. Thanks David for this review! will visit this restaurant soon 🙂

    1. Thank you Florian!

  2. You made me wanna go eat there even though I am not kosher restaurants fan

    1. Excellent!

  3. David will you post reviews of vegan restaurants?

  4. Hi 🙂
    Yes there will be some, can’t promise exactly when

  5. Thanks to your recommendation I visited West Side 2 days ago, it was great and without a doubt the best kosher restaurant I visited

  6. I’m going to visit Tel aviv on may for the eurovision, do you recommend this restaurant over other kosher ones? Thanks!!

  7. Always a pleasure to read your reviews man!

  8. loved your photos, looks authentic, i’m not into kosher food but well done sir

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