Jasmino’s Pita – Love at first sight

In today’s episode of « Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv », I’m going to tell you all the things you should know about Jasmino’s Pita.

The special pita that has been driving people crazy in Tel Aviv for the past 18 months.

« Are you serious David?! A pita?!  I thought you were going to tell us only about quality restaurants, not about some cheap street food!« 

So first of all, calm down, and do not insult Jasmino! It’s really not a cheap food, at least in terms of taste (which is what matters most to me).

You know what? Instead of continuing with the blabber, let me just tell you exactly what caused me to fall in love with this brilliant pita which can be found on the busy Allenby Street.


In fact I do not have too many positive things to say about the place itself which is open usually from 11:30am to 02:00am of the next day (on Friday and Saturday it’s closed).

This is a very small and crowded food stand that’s very busy all hours of the day and night. Everyone from the area knows this place very well and they come to taste their wonderful pitas. It’s a hot spot even at a crazy time like 1 am.

The place itself has a total of only 5 very crowded seats. No doubt the owner of the place didn’t think his business would succeed in such an explosive manner.

jasmino best restaurants in tel aviv
Enormous pressure at 1am

I eat there at least once a week and no matter what time I arrive, the place was always packed with hungry people. I usually wait at least 20 minutes for my food. There were also times where I waited for 40 minutes.

Any reasonable person will understand that they must consider very seriously opening another branch to relieve some of the pressure.

My score for the place is 3/10


In the relatively limited menu of Jasmino’s Pita, you can find some interesting things that can be combined together for those who want to.

The 4 « regular » options such as kebab, spring chicken, heart of veal and sausage Margez are always available.

It’s highly recommended to ask the cashier what “specials” they have today that are not listed on the menu. It varies from day to day, but usually in their specials you can find sweetbreads, flank steak or a mix of beef organ meats.

To be honest with you, every time I go there, I choose something different. I do it so it won’t become boring for me since I eat there so often. I eat there too often some would say. But, let me tell you wholeheartedly, it doesn’t really matter which kind of meat you pick, everything will be delicious!

It all starts with the perfect pita…

sweetbreads best restaurants in tel aviv

They serve a fresh pita that is baked in place and it never tears apart while you are eating it. This continues with simple additions that can be added to the pita – tahini, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, onion, hot pepper and amba sauce.

And of course the final seal brings with it the fresh meat that enters inside the pita.

When these three elements are combined together, that’s when the real magic happens.  You’ll taste it in each and every bite you take. It’s something that can not be described in words and only when you experience the wonderful taste will you understand what I’m talking about.

If I still have to choose only one specific type of meat that I like most from the Jasmino’s menu, then it will certainly be the sweetbreads.

Sweetbreads are very easy to ruin when you cook them on the grill.

In Jasmino, nothing gets ruined. It’s the opposite.

The place’s grill cooks know how to put them on the fire and exactly the time it takes to cook the sweetbreads perfectly. I strongly recommend trying them out at least once.

My score for taste- a perfect 10/10! Easy!


The prices for the regular meals range around 32 NIS per serving, while the special portions will cost you around 45 NIS. Relatively reasonable prices for food so delicious.

There’s one thing that can be said for certain, the prices aren’t going to be falling anytime soon. The demand for Jasmino’s pita is simply sky rocketing and I have no doubt that soon they’ll raise the prices even more (as they have done in the past).

Their service is reasonable, sometimes the grill cooks seem a little tired. But, this is perfectly understandable due to the tremendous pressure they’re under. It’s packed from the moment they start working until they close!

The grill cooks

My score for price and service 8/10.


One of the best if not the best pita that I have eaten in Tel Aviv. The place is very small and packed, but it’s surely worth the long wait!

My Total Score for Jasmino Pita is 8.5/10!



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Usually from 11:30am to 02:00am of the next day (on Friday and Saturday it’s closed)

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