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In today’s report I’m going to tell you about my experience that I had with Frame Restaurant.

As you have already seen in my last reviews of Hudson, Jasmino and Prodzor, I can definitely be considered as a meat lover.

Still, from time to time, I like to diversify in the restaurants I go to, otherwise it gets boring too fast.

At the recommendation of Eyal, a good friend of mine, who is addicted to the Frame Restaurant, I went there with him on Thursday night to understand why he was so excited about this particular restaurant.

The restaurant defines itself as a “chef and sushi bar” restaurant that combines food from the Eastern and Western cuisines.

So without further ado, let’s dive into my impression of my visit to the Frame restaurant:

the place:

As soon as we entered the restaurant, you could see that the owner of the place is a sports fan. In every corner of the restaurant there were television screens broadcasting a basketball game that took place at the time we visited the restaurant (Maccabi Tel Aviv-Basconia in Euroleague).

As an avid sports fan, it immediately made me fall in love with the place before we even sat down to order something to eat.

The restaurant is modernly and innovatively designed. Its divided into an internal area with tables and a large bar. There’s also an outdoor area with a balcony from where you can see the “Raul Wallenberg” street.

The tables in the restaurant are large and the chairs are comfortable for sitting.

The toilets in the bathroom were clean and comfortable, the sink was very nicely decorated in the style of a river (it took me a second to figure out how to operate the sink). In between the two sinks there are clean folded towels for drying your hands.

My score for the place9/10.

the TASTE:


For starters we ordered Chicken Jiaozi, which is actually Japanese dumplings stuffed with chicken breast meat alongside pickled vegetables. The dish was very tasty, the dumplings were cooked perfectly, feeling quite soft while melting in my mouth. The dish undoubtedly opened my appetite for the upcoming main meal.

In addition to the dumplings, my friend Eyal told me that the restaurant has some of the best sweet potato french fries he has ever eaten.

As a sweet potato lover, I couldn’t say no to his offer of sharing an order. We ordered it just to have a snack in the middle of the table to eat in between the meals.

Eyal was absolutely right, the sweet potato fries were really crispy and addictive. It was very hard to stop eating them. Eyal stopped me and told me not to eat all the fries. He was concerned that I wouldn’t have room for the main dishes 🙂

Score for starters – 8.5/10.



For the main dishes, we ordered two different dishes – “Szechuan Beef”, which the waiter defined as the most delicious dish from the main menu, and “Special Sushi Sandwich”,which we chose ourselves.

The Szechuan beef was a combination of beef filet, wide rice noodles with stir-fried vegetables. The waiter certainly knew what he was talking about.

The dish had a great smell and wonderful taste. All the ingredients in the dish were perfectly combined and created a dish that I simply couldn’t stop eating until the plate was completely clean.

The Special Sushi Sandwich included 8 units of hot sushi made of risotto rice and salmon stuffed with kanpyo, avocado, emmental cheese in tempura and spicy tobiko.

The combination was excellent and tasty. I ate only 2 units of it, because I did not have too much room left in my stomach, but every bite I ate was completely satisfying.

In retrospect, I might have given up on the sushi because the Szechuan beef is very large and enough for two people.

Score for main dish – 9.5/10.



When we finished eating the main dishes, I was about to call the waitress and ask him for the desserts menu, but Eyal stopped me right away.

“There’s no need for a menu, we’re going to have Frame Brulee, the most delicious dessert you’ll ever eat.”

When I told him that I don’t even like crème brulee, he said, “It’s okay, me neither, but you have to trust me on this one, Frame Brulee is the best dessert out there”.

Although my instincts told me not to listen to him, he eventually convinced me and we indeed ordered the Frame Brulee. After waiting quite a bit of time (it turns out that they prepare the this specific dessert at the restaurant), the dessert has finally arrived.

At first it seemed a little strange to me, a combination of cold crème brulee on top of hot soufflé, something I had never seen before. It was surely unique though, there’s no doubt about that.

Speaking of taste, my friend’s recommendation was spot on again. The Frame Brulee was certainly extraordinarily delicious. We ate one dish together, and although both of our stomachs were completely full, we finished the dessert in about 30 seconds. It was that delicious. I do not know if it’s the most delicious dessert I’ve ever eaten as Eyal earlier said, but it’s obviously up there among the top 3. I highly recommend this for anyone who visits Frame restaurant.

Score for dessert – 10/10.

service and price:

The service in the restaurant was excellent. The waiters were always around us and were available for anything we asked. They also helped us with picking our dishes, which were certainly excellent as they advised us.

By no means can the prices of the restaurant be considered cheap as compared to similar restaurants, but in this case, there is a justification for this. The restaurant is tastefully decorated, the food is very tasty and special, and the service was extremely professional.

Score for service and price 9/10.

a quick summary:

My Total Score for Frame Sushi Bar is 9/10!



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